April 12, 2019

Can I Buy Leaded Fuel for My Automobile?

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When you stop by the gas station to fill up the car with fuel, you may notice that the word ‘unleaded’ is labeled across each of the tanks.  The fuel that’s going inside of your car is unleaded, meaning that it contains no lead materials. That leaves many people to wonder where the ‘leaded’ gas is located, if it is available at all. Is it possible to buy leaded gas for the vehicle these days?

Long ago, leaded and unleaded fuel were both sold at gas stations. However, things aren’t the same in today’s modern world and finding leaded fuel is impossible. That’s because there’s a lot of dangers associated with this fuel and it’s no longer being used. In fact, it’s been gone since the 1970s. The gas tanks with the ‘Unleaded’ labels simply alert you to the type of fuel that is being put inside of the vehicle.


GM and a company called ESSQ (the company we know as Exxon these days) began using tetraethyl lead (TEL) to fuel to help raise their octane ratings through a compression ratio. This was a big discovery for the two companies that lasted for about 50-years before the harsh realities of lead were discovered. Leaded fuel also protected soft valve seats that were used in vehicles in the pre-1970s era and reduced wear and tear.

Using leaded fuel could do far more harm to your vehicle than you would want to imagine. It is important to take every step possible to prevent issues from occurring with the vehicle. Always choose the right grade gasoline for your vehicle and perhaps even reach out to a professional to learn more about and to install the awesome fass system on your vehicle for added fuel efficiency and smoother riding across the miles.

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