April 12, 2019

Truckloads Of Biz Available

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truck loads available

Guys! And girls! Yup, girls are riding around in trucks a lot too these days. And, boy, are they loving it. Or should that be; girl. You just gotta love every square inch of the tar your rubber rides over. Okay, so here’s the thing, guys and girls. If you love trucks this much, why not make a business out of it?

Maybe you thought of it before but did not know how. Maybe you tried it once or twice before but found it to be tough going. So, you stuck to your regular nine to five jobs. How boring. And how costly it is too. The upkeep of your prize baby on four big wheels is pretty expensive these days. Or is it six wheels? Anyhow, you know what they say about going into business for yourself but going at it like a superstar. As in being very good at what you do. And making the bucks big time.

So they say if you want to be successful, go and do something that you’re really passionate about. Liking driving your truck? All day long? Been there, done that. Never got off the ground. It was as good as a flat tire.

So, went back to the factory and, cap in hand, asked the boss if you could have your regular job back. Whoa! Stop stations! Don’t be too quick to give up. Put your foot on the brakes. Because there’s truck loads available.

As in truckloads of biz available for you guys. And girls. And guess what? Rumor has it that there’s a girl running the show. And it’s like a dating site, see. You put up a neat profile of you and your big baby. And then needy customers find youÂ…

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