April 4, 2019

Will starting the engine remotely become the new normal?

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Most readers here are admittedly your average everyday drivers. You have been driving for so long now that it is second nature to you. For starters, all you do is open the car door, place yourself comfortably behind the wheel, strap yourself in, turn the ignition key, engine revs, and there you go, you are just about ready to drive off.

But sooner, rather than later, these drivers are going to have to make necessary adjustments to their driving patterns. They may also have to become used to the new cars that will be on their roads sooner than they think. And they should start warming up to the idea of starting their engines with remote car starters.

For now though, introducing skeptical readers to what could become their ‘new normal’ of driving poses no challenges. All that is required for now is to introduce them to the key features of remote car starters. Also note that provided installations to existing vehicles are carried out professionally or skillfully, the pricing of a remote car starter is not out of range for the everyday driver.

Now, whether this is done at home or preferably at an auto workshop, the question could be asked whether such an installation will be practical. Due consideration of the make/model, age and condition of the vehicle will have to be taken. Hence then, the recommendation to visit your auto repair shop and let the technician decide on your behalf.

Here then is how remote car starters work. Neither driver nor key needs to be physically present when starting the engine. A component is attached to the ignition. It is fitted with a radio receiver. This component receives a signal from a ‘paired transmitter”, and it is this that activates the car’s engine.

Key features if you will of the remote car starter are as follows. The most obvious feature may well be that the entire system works seamlessly without a key. Already hinted at is the fact that this system will have a (conventional) two way remote installed. And then there are two significant features that can only enhance the vehicle’s security capabilities. While the starter can be disconnected, it is also attached to a smart mobile’s app.

Perhaps then adjusting to the ‘new normal’ will not be so bad after all. Because after all, isn’t it true that so many average drivers are already so attached to their beloved smart mobiles.

remote car startersthe key features of remote car starters

Added to the above features (there are more) is the fact that the security aspect is enhanced further in the sense that the existing or installed car alarm will be coupled or linked directly to the car starter.

Any further reading on this matter should make it easier for you to determine why a remote car starter will be so much better than a conventional key ignition process. All you need do next is call up a compare and contrast list and go through some of the listed pros and cons.